Next-Gen Insights for Content

XStereotype is an AI-powered platform that unveils how your content will perform across demographics. We maximize inclusion while driving authenticity and purchasing intent through 40+ proprietary metrics.

Insights for Inclusion and Bias
Used by leading brands across the globe
Client - Fanduel
Client - Bob Evans
Client - Johnson and Johnson

Now you can predict how your content will perform in seconds

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40+ Scores to Improve Conversions

Submit content and receive over 40 psychometric measurements that have been validated through 10 million data points.

XStereotype Conversion Scale
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Bias IQ

Identify risk potential, stereotypes, and bias in advertising content before spending money on creative or production.

XStereotype Conversion Scale
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Inclusion IQ

Analyze content for inclusion across different dimensions to supercharge conversions.

XStereotype Bias IQ
XStereotype Brand Likability Score

Track your brand's progress across different demographics with real-time monitoring

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Track how content improves conversions

Discover how inclusion and bias drive conversions for different personas

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Monitor your brand's health

Track performance and benchmark your
brand against competitors

XStereotype in the Press

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"XStereotype has been named the
2023 AI Innovation of the Year"


"Why HBO Max's Branding Guru Built his Own 'Anti-Racist' Agency: Uncomfortable Conversations"


"Breaking AI bias: Predictive analytics platform aims to eliminate racism in marketing"


"Diversity Propels Purchasing Intent"

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